$$ Money $$

A marriage is like a snowflake. Each is different in its own way. In order for a snowflake to form you must have the right elements, conditions and balance. Just as importantly, you need the right conditions and environment for the snowflake to survive and thrive. Our marriage was a beautiful one. A love story like no other. We really got to know each other. We were the right fit in every way. All the elements for a successful love and marriage were present and growing. We loved each other deeply. We had common interests and goals. We wanted beautiful children to share our love with and build a family. Unfortunately, our surrounding environment has been applying heat to our snowflake. That heat damaged our marital and family bond. It may have destroyed the structure from which it grew. This world is a cruel place. It doesn’t value honest, hard-working, wonderful human beings. This harsh world values MONEY. How much money do you make? How much money can you make for the company you work for? How much money can you bring home? What can you buy? Where can you go? What can you do? What kind of life experiences can you afford? Money has its hand in all of it. As a result, money makes its way into a beautiful loving family too. It’s not by choice. It’s our surrounding environment. Our marriage is affected by money. Our family is affected by money. Our relationships are affected by money. In my case, it’s all affected by the lack of money. We can’t make rent…money. We need groceries for our growing family…money. Our children need new clothes…money.  We can’t escape the strong arm hold that money has on our lives, family, marriage and love. I tried so hard to protect my family from the effects of the lack of money but I failed. I continue to fail. I didn’t fail because I gave up. I didn’t fail because I was neglectful or reckless. I failed because I can’t change it. I can’t escape it.  This problem changed how my husband thinks about marriage and how marriage would be most beneficial in this cruel world and that changed how I felt about my husband.


In the beginning…

This blog will be written by a man and a woman who are married in a traditional monogamous marriage and have the most beautiful children we could ever imagine.

After eight years of being married, the man in this marriage asked the woman if we could marry two others and become a marriage of four. As you might expect, the subsequent days, months and years did not go well.

Now we’re not sure if we even have a marriage anymore. But we do have a story. It is a story that does not yet have an end, but it does have a beginning. This is the beginning.