It’s a hard knock life

How has the current system of living affected your life? Not sure what I mean. Let me explain.

As I pay my bills and seal and stamp the envelopes I notice what is printed on the stamps. Liberty. Freedom. Equality. Justice. I think to myself, “Not anymore.” These words may have meant something at one point but not now. Not anymore. These words are illusions that we strive for. They give us hope. These words fill us with optimism to help us get through our day. Even when something goes wrong we tell ourselves, “Today was not my day but tomorrow will be better.” What happens when tomorrow doesn’t get better? What are we to do then?

I look up and down the block of my neighborhood. We live in a very modest area. I see the cars line the street and driveways. I see two or even three families living in each house. Why is that? The cost of living is why. No matter how hard we work, how many jobs we take or how frugally we live, we don’t get ahead. This isn’t because we are lazy, or uneducated or lack dreams and aspirations. It’s due to an unjust system that has a hold of our lives.

I want to pay for groceries without having to check which credit card I can use because my bank account is in the red. I would like to be able to pay a decent amount for rent and not feel gouged. I would someday love to own a home for my growing family. I would love for my children to flourish and be involved in the activities and experiences that will help them be better, smarter and stronger human beings. I would love to see some upward changes in our current systems that provide hard working people with the ability to fulfill their dreams.

How has the current system affected you and your life? I know I’m not the only one doing good and still being crushed. I’d love to hear from you.

On a final note. I was playing with my children one afternoon. I was trying my best to keep a smile on my face and optimism in my voice as the weight of the world crushed me. We were listening to music and a remake of “It’s a hard knock life” from the musical “Annie” played. I had listened to this song many times throughout my life but that day heard it from a different perspective. Please find the song and listen to it again.

I felt like Annie. Abandoned by the very system that promised life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and justice for all. “Empty belly life. Rotten smelly life. Full of sorrow life. No tomorrow life.” This isn’t right.

Author: mariermaritare

We are a married man and woman who are trying to figure out life, love, family and marriage.

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