Blurred lines

The daily grind continues. As we move forward our financial situation continues to decline. As each day passes the cost of living, eating, breathing, growing and loving continues to increase and the income we are able to make diminishes thus causing a financial gap that grows ever larger.

Today is payday. Also the day I pay bills. As I am writing checks I grow increasingly angry because I think of how much of our hard earned money is taken out of my husband’s paycheck for health insurance. One would hope this is enough but it’s not. We also have to meet an outrageous deductible that is impossible to meet. Is this right? The line in the sand is continually moved further away and we are powerless to change that.

I think of the Epipen and the demonstrative cost increase. Why? Has there been some new advancement in the medication or is it to increase the profits and pay checks of a certain few. The question is not just Why but Why do we accept this?

These circumstances and others are what cause my husband to continue to think we should marry in groups of three or four. He feels that this is the best way to fight back against the injustices that are forced upon us. I am still don’t agree with him. Not only do I not agree but I am very hurt by his logic. I don’t feel secure in my marriage anymore. I don’t understand him. I don’t like that he continues to reach out to his ex girlfriend with hope. The lines of marriage, family, finances, future, prosperity, etc… are all blurred. Is this right? How can I care and protect my beautiful family when all the odds are stacked against me?

Author: mariermaritare

We are a married man and woman who are trying to figure out life, love, family and marriage.

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